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B&K Universal Ltd was formed in 1972 to give a premier service in supporting the biomedical research community, we have a successful travel record of some 37 years. During this time, we have participated indirectly in many major medical and veterinary achievements, B&K Universal Ltd is committed to the continued business of supporting the biomedical research community with quality of products and services at a fair price.

We are Responsive, Resourceful and Reliable.
Gerry Bantin - Chairman

In 2009 B&K Universal Ltd will continue to focus on its core business of breeding and supplying laboratory animals, associated products and services to the scientific community.

It is an exciting year for the company as we continue to adjust and adapt our business to meet the changes of the industry. The year 2009 heralds another exciting chapter for our Scientific Services team as we continue to develop our portfolio with the introduction of a new bespoke Health Monitoring service and the further expansion and diversification of our BioCare facilities which will now support Early Stage Research. B&K Universal Ltd aims to provide quality products and services with a friendly personal approach to our scientific colleagues.

This year we endeavour to be even more Responsive, Resourceful & Reliable.
Gary Chambers - Chief Executive

B&K Universal Ltd in China
B&K Universal Ltd has been involved with Chinese Biomedical research for over 20 years. Our joint venture company breeds and supplies laboratory animals from the same genetic profile as our UK company. We promote a culture of care with all our SPF animals. European colleagues undertaking work in China can purchase their animals from our Shanghai company with confidence and assurance of animals bred to the same high standards and genetic profile as B&K Universal Ltd animals in the UK.

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Laboratory Services
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